Self Care in Self Isolation

  At this moment in time, it seems that all we are talking about is COVID-19. It has been a terribly challenging and overwhelming time for so many people, and it has been no different in salons. With so many views on what the “right” way to act in a salon is, it has understandably Self Care in Self Isolation

Luxurious, Yes! Necessary? Absolutely!

Luxury. Just the word conjures up visions of beautiful, precious and delightfully unnecessary things. To me, luxury is all about fabrics; velvet, silk, chiffon, satin. Soft, sinuous fabrics that move like water over smooth rocks and feel like the skin we would have in a romance novel. Indulgent fabrics, completely impractical for day to day Luxurious, Yes! Necessary? Absolutely!

Is it time to say goodbye to your long hair?

My favourite line from a movie comes from the 1994 version of ‘Little Women’ when Jo sells her hair to buy a train ticket for her mother. Her young sister Amy (who may be a tiny bit vain and a touch bratty) is horrified and exclaims ‘ Jo how could you, your one beauty!’ When Is it time to say goodbye to your long hair?