Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Decisions Decisions… It’s approaching winter here in Brisbane which means only one thing. We can’t decide if its warm or cool! We leave the house rugged up in our winter woolies to combat the increasingly fresh starts but once the sun starts shining in earnest, we all start to regret that long sleeve top we Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Trend Update! Autumn 2022

As the humidity drops along with the temperature we all collectively exhale a sigh of relief because now we can FINALLY do something with our hair!! Autumn has arrived – so let’s break out the Easter chocolate, settle in, and get busy choosing a new look!   BRIGHTEN UP   Summer is notoriously hard for Trend Update! Autumn 2022

Naturally Beautiful

I love a good natural remedy. From the good old days when my mother used to mix up a poultice for my extra pus ridden pimples (bread soaked in dishwashing detergent anyone?) to now and the endless suggestions on 5-minute crafts, homemade remedies are always a fun little experiment. But do they work? Well, if Naturally Beautiful


Moisturiser, exfoliant, serum, night cream, eye cream, body lotion, face mask, sunscreen, cleanser – it seems like a new product is invented every few months to keep the skin on our bodies in tip top shape. A great facial care regimen has become a must have for most of us to deal with all our ScalpEd(ucation)

Unlock your locks

Magic carpets, pumpkin coaches, curses that change people into teapots. Fairytales are full of these wonderful and completely inconceivable concepts, and as a child I was terribly disappointed to find out that there definitely wasn’t a pathway to another world at that back of my wardrobe. Despite checking multiple times. But there is one tale Unlock your locks

Joy to the World

What a year! Global Pandemic. Toilet Paper Shortages. Elections. Devastating Bushfires. Recessions. Mass Unemployment. Murder Hornets. And the impending doom of environmental destruction…. Feeling good? Anyone?    2020 has certainly had a lasting impact on our existence, and we could all be forgiven for wanting to shove this year in a garbage bag, throw it Joy to the World

Re-Bond with Hair

My husband is obsessed with nature documentaries. Me, I’m more of a fiction fan but apparently it’s not socially acceptable to hog the TV remote all the time so I have been forced to watch innumerable David Attenborough documentaries over the years. I’ve nothing against him, but watching animals grooming each other and eating the Re-Bond with Hair

Love your Curls

I adore curly hair. Adore it. The sense of wild abandon that accompanies those spirals doing whatever they please atop a head appeals to the secret anarchist lurking deep in my soul. Unfortunately for me, I am the only one in my family that did not inherit curly hair. Terribly unfair, as I am the Love your Curls

Change for the Time Poor…

As we begin the rapid descent to the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on the year that was and wonder…how on earth did I fit all that stuff in? I don’t know about you but I’m pretty good at overstuffing my calendar, much like those cooking show contestants trying to impress the Change for the Time Poor…

On the Fringe; your guide to beautiful bangs.

I love my fringe. Without it, I feel somewhat like Count Dracula with the receding hairline and extreme widow’s peak, and I have to say, thats not really the vibe I’m going for! Like most girls born in the 80’s, my mother gave me a fringe as a child. Around the time I was 8 On the Fringe; your guide to beautiful bangs.