Behind The Curtain Bangs – 2024 Brings Change

26 March 2024

2024 – The Year thats Flying by…


Welcome to 2024! It’s hard to believe it’s almost Easter already! January and February have disappeared in a flash of major hair transformations, leaving our team pretty pumped about the year ahead.


For me, there is nothing more exciting than a client sitting in my chair and saying they are thinking of doing something different this appointment. It seems to me that these things come in cycles. I could go months without a single major transformation, hearing only “The same again please.” Minor tweaks to lovely looks we created months or even years ago are our bread and butter, but I will admit to it being a little monotonous at times. Not every hairdresser feels this way of course. I know several hairdressers who get extremely stressed anytime a client wants to try some new, but for the most part change is one word we love to hear.


2023 was a pretty tough year for quite a few of my clients. In fact it was a pretty tough year for a lot of our team as well. But 2024, this is our year! The positive energy is strong, and we a ready to welcome in the new us! Which means…. It’s time for a new look!


The start of a new year is a common time for people to try a change in hairdo. But this year it appears that a higher number of my clients are keen to change it up and try a different style or colour. It has been a thrilling time! Those creative muscles are getting a good work out, and inspiration is flowing. I tend to find that the more you are in the creative zone the more ideas you get, so if you are thinking of trying something new, well, now is the perfect time.

Change can be a little intimidating though so here is my advice for anyone ready to take the plunge into a new look this year.



  1. Do your research. Find at least three styles or colours you like the look of and think about why you like them. The more pictures the better! A Pintrest board is a great way to store your favourite images
  2. Be realistic about the amount of maintenance you are prepared to give your new look. How often will you actually style your hair? How often will you be back to top up your colour or have your hair cut?
  3. What is your budget for maintenance? Some colours are most costly than others and it’s a good idea to know what you can realistically afford to maintain your look.
  4. Be clear with your stylist. If you feel like you aren’t on the same page or if you don’t completely understand something speak up! As intimidating as some of us hairdressers seem, we really do want you to have amazing hair that you love. Chances are, we are just as concerned as you are that we get your vision spot on.
  5. If you aren’t entirely happy with your new look, be honest. Sometimes its a tiny fix that will take your cut or colour from uncertain to fabulous. Occasionally, with a big change, it will take a few days for you and your new hair do’ to become acquainted with each other. Give it time to settle and if it still isn’t quite right, give your hairdresser a call. Trust me on this one, we would way rather you let us know so we can help you then you be upset for weeks!


Once you have decided to take the plunge, and you have a clear vision, just go with it! There are no prizes for staying out of the game! I know its scary, setting of for a journey into the unknown but if you are armed with all the facts changing your look can be a liberating experience. They say we only regret the things we don’t do, and while there have certainly been some fairly atrocious  hairstyles in my past ( I’m looking at you mohawk with triangle tracks!) I don’t regret trying any of them. At least I know what not to do next time! You never know, you might just have found your new favourite look!


The most exciting part about trying something new with your hair in 2024… It will always grow back!


Until next time..


Sarah x

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