Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Decisions Decisions… It’s approaching winter here in Brisbane which means only one thing. We can’t decide if its warm or cool! We leave the house rugged up in our winter woolies to combat the increasingly fresh starts but once the sun starts shining in earnest, we all start to regret that long sleeve top we Behind The Curtain Bangs – Warm or Cool

Behind The Curtain Bangs – 2024 Brings Change

2024 – The Year thats Flying by…   Welcome to 2024! It’s hard to believe it’s almost Easter already! January and February have disappeared in a flash of major hair transformations, leaving our team pretty pumped about the year ahead.   For me, there is nothing more exciting than a client sitting in my chair Behind The Curtain Bangs – 2024 Brings Change

Trending Now! Winter 2022

Winter has well and truly set in here in Brisbane and as per usual the chill has taken us all by surprise. When will we learn that the classic Queenslander has no ability to retain heat? Or that while it might not be 0*C outside when the outside temperature of 10*C is warmer than inside Trending Now! Winter 2022

Trend Update! Autumn 2022

As the humidity drops along with the temperature we all collectively exhale a sigh of relief because now we can FINALLY do something with our hair!! Autumn has arrived – so let’s break out the Easter chocolate, settle in, and get busy choosing a new look!   BRIGHTEN UP   Summer is notoriously hard for Trend Update! Autumn 2022

Layer Up

Jennifer Aniston has a lot to answer for. The ‘Rachel’ hairstyle was THE haircut to have back in 1995, allowing people the world over to experience the true “joy” of styling this heavily layered look.  Rumour has it she didn’t even really like the cut – unverified of course but I can imagine that the Layer Up

Autumnal Aspirations

I’ve always thought that the beginning of Autumn wasn’t the start of March as the Gregorian calendar insists it is here down south. To me the arrival of the Easter long weekend truly heralds the start of the glorious jaunt into this most delightful season. The last vestiges of summer have finally vanished and there Autumnal Aspirations

New Beginnings

Tiny green shoots push their way gently though the earth, flower buds appear, ready to burst open with a cacophony of vibrant colour. Sweet smells of Jasmine fill the air as those with hay fever try desperately not to sneeze in public. Spring has begun its glorious breath of new life, and with it comes New Beginnings

Fashion vs Style

Fashion. Otherwise known as the comedy for future generations. Or the envy, depending on the era. I can look back at any era and find a look I love and then a look I equally loathe. Hindsight has a lovely rose coloured filter and we tend to forget some of the more horrific fashion “fails” Fashion vs Style

The Bob. An evolution and revolution.

The year was 1989. Five year old Sarah (that’s me by the way) begs her parents to cut her hair into a Bob. Where I got the idea to get said haircut I have no recollection but I vividly remember the thrill of nervous excitement I had walking up to the Stefan’s salon in downtown The Bob. An evolution and revolution.

Are salon products really worth it?

Before I was a hairdresser I had only ever used products from the supermarket. My boss was horrified when she found out a few months into my apprenticeship that I was still using my favourite brand from woolies! I can honestly say that changing to salon quality products was the best decision I’ve made for Are salon products really worth it?