United Together

30 July 2020

In this world of perpetual motion, adapting to the spin is an important part of the experience. As our way of life and our expectations change, learning to navigate the new path we are on can take some careful thought and some innovative ideas. We have been blessed at Bach Hair to have a strong sense of togetherness and community spirit within both our team of stylists and our wider community of clients and industry peers. Through the past years we have enjoyed success in business due to the passion, perseverance and commitment of all our team and the continued support of our loyal and valued clients.


The workforce in general has had a shift in focus recently, recognising that the needs of people have changed. We all want more flexibility, more options. We want the opportunity to make our work life balance actually balanced. We want the chance to fit all the pieces of our lives together in a harmonious way. With flexible work arrangements, work from home and part time work becoming a popular option for not just our staff but our clients, the need for traditional opening hours has changed. Saturdays are no longer our most popular request for appointments, as weekdays and evenings become more preferable for those with flexible schedules wanting to keep precious weekend time free. 


Merging our two teams to create one, united team will allow us to open the doors for change. We will be able to offer extended opening hours, opening 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, with 3 late nights on offer. We will have more options available across all price levels with our two teams combined. Our Paddington location is conveniently central, without the hustle and bustle of inner city traffic, and is only a 10-15 minute drive from Chelmer. 


Many of our staff work a reduced work week already, with requests for part time hours becoming more usual. Retaining our group of talented, creative and truly special team members is important to us, in order to continue the high quality service and level of care we have always offered at Bach Hair. Spreading our team between two locations has meant that we have had to reduce our capacity to offer the flexibility of times that benefit both our staff and our clients. 


We are a close knit team at Bach Hair. Our location divide has never diminished the joy we find in working together,with many of our team already working across both salons; we all welcome this wonderful opportunity to finally be together in person, not just in spirit. Only the surroundings will change and we value the chance to continue to care for our loyal Chelmer  clients, by the people they already know and love. 


We look forward to welcoming you to Bach Hair. Different, But the Same. 




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