Trending Now! Winter 2022

20 July 2022

Winter has well and truly set in here in Brisbane and as per usual the chill has taken us all by surprise. When will we learn that the classic Queenslander has no ability to retain heat? Or that while it might not be 0*C outside when the outside temperature of 10*C is warmer than inside you are allowed to say you are cold?

What hasn’t taken us by surprise however, are the fabulous colours stepping out the door after a visit with our brilliant Bach Hair team!


We have been loving our brights this year but the purples and magentas have stepped aside (for now at least!)

and allowed some of the cool kids to take a turn in the spotlight. Blue, Lilac, Silver and Pearl are currently on the “hot” list with Jade tones also making a cameo appearance.

The lure of warmth can get a little much for this temperamental bunch though, so make sure you have your Wella Color Mask handy at home to keep things icy cold.


It’s not just our winter woolies keeping us warm – and a snuggly pair of Uggs of course! – it’s lovely shades of rich chocolate, caramel and ginger. Chocolate is always a winter favourite but this year we are seeing hints of mahogany in the base notes of this tone to really make this perennial beauty shine.

Dimensional browns are also taking centre stage. Break up your dark colour and add sparkle with a sprinkle of foils or freehand highlights. Spice tones like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg are perfect for adding just a hint of gentle copper, golden brown or russet to your brunette locks.


We love our brunettes when the days get shorter but nothing brings light to a long winter night like a gorgeous blonde! Balayage, foils and face framing halos are highlighted with toasty toners. Think just the merest glimpse of lightly toasted warmth – not quite caramel, but definitely not beige and just slightly more than cream. Delicious, buttery and almost edible.

This tone is adjustable from the very lightest blondes to deeper, richer blondes and is flattering on warm, cool and neutral skin tones. It really is practically perfect in every way. Just like Mary Poppins. So catch it now before it floats off into the sunset!*

And that’s a wrap! Or maybe it’s a woollen scarf? Hmmmm……That’s it from me anyway! Enjoy trying out these fabulous seasonal colours, until next time,

Sarah x

*Just kidding! This tone is going nowhere. But come in and visit us anyway we promise we will have the heaters on.



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