Too many old products? Help is on its way!

22 August 2019

I blame Marie Kondo. After watching half an episode of her show on Netflix I got very excited by the idea of de-cluttering my home and ‘sparking joy’ with my belongings. Unfortunately it led me to realise just how many old and crusty products I have lying around. Dregs of shampoo I wasn’t particularly enamoured with, a barely touched gel for an abortive attempt at a slicked looked and approximately 4 mini mousses I got free as gifts were amongst the bounty I found.  Let’s be honest, no one really needs 4 mini mousses. I’m pretty sure I have never actually used mousse on myself so 4 does seem a touch excessive! It turns out that I’m not the only one, in fact every single staff member at Bach has old stuff lying around they never use! It’s hard to know what is worth keeping and what should be sent to product heaven so I’ve put together a little guide to help.  

As an environmentally conscious society, most of us are trying to decrease our waste, so the thought of throwing away those half used shampoos and barely touched styling products makes us feel a bit uncomfortable. Once you have opened a product however, it’s shelf life ranges generally from 6 months to 2 years. If you check the back, you will see a round symbol with an open lid and a number inside to indicate the number of months it is good for after opening.  Most of us have probably looked at that with no idea what it means, I work in the industry and only found that out a year or two ago! Why does this use by date matter? It is near impossible to avoid introducing bacteria to your products and the damp bathroom environment is perfect place for those germs to have a nice romantic dinner and ‘get to know each other’. The preservatives and anti microbial’s  in your products slow down this bacterial romance but eventually they will begin to expand their family and make a home in your gorgeous products. Unopened bottles will last up to three years, but eventually they will start to degrade and diminish in quality, leaving you with a product that doesn’t do its job anymore. So throw out all your old, half used products! 

What about those slightly used products? If you’ve recently purchased something from us at Bach Hair and you don’t love it after two uses, bring it back! We want you to have the best experience possible with your hair and that means we aren’t happy if you aren’t happy. It’s a bit like when you try on clothes in store and they have those magic mirrors and lights that make you look fabulous so you buy the outfit the young girl said looked ‘so amazing on you’ but you never wear it because it’s really scratchy and digs in at your waist.  We try to recommend home hair care that is perfect for you but occasionally what we used in salon doesn’t translate for you at home.  It’s easy to change for something more suited to you and that’s better than clogging up your cupboards with unusable items. 

So what can you do with that treatment you got as a gift, the volume spray you bought on a whim when you were definitely going to start blow drying everyday or the free mini mousse you got with Marie Claire and are never ever going to use? Donation is a great way to pass on your unopened products. A number of charities supporting the homeless, refugees and women in crisis rely on toiletry donations to give to those in need of them. A quick google will direct you to your local centre so you can update your home hair care and help out at the same time! If there isn’t a charity close by I also recommend the ‘ generous and benevolent friend/ family member’ option. Let your friends and family enjoy the benefits of your extra products and start fresh with a cupboard that truly does bring you joy. ✨✨✨





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