Summer Hair Survival

23 December 2022

It is only two sleeps until Christmas Day but right now the only chestnuts roasting are on the sand at Noosa and open fires are severely discouraged due to fire bans. Instead of huddling indoors in sub zero temperatures, us Aussie’s are preparing to hit the beaches in droves and eat our body weights in prawns.

Summer holidays have finally arrived and we are here for it! Now is the time for fanatically avoiding melanoma whilst still maintaining a golden glow, drinking far too many cocktails by the pool and somehow managing to look effortlessly fabulous after an entire day of doing nothing but swimming and sweating profusely. It might be easy to throw on a Camilla caftan and a bit of lippy for an evening out after a day on the beach but getting your hair to come to the party and not cause a scene can be just a touch tricky. This is where your favourite team of hairdressers are here to help! Here are a few of our tips to get you through the summer holidays without sacrificing your glorious locks.

Clip It Up

Beachy waves might be trending on Instagram but the matted mess of salt encrusted knots you are probably sporting after swimming in the ocean and being buffeted by the ocean “breeze” (aka gale force winds) for a week is not quite the curated look you were going for! So how do you manage to go from beach to bar without washing your hair multiple times?


The classic look is always the messy bun on top of your head. But our trusty friend the claw clip has made a comeback in the last few years and has been welcomed back into the hair accessory fold, and we couldn’t be happier! Claw clips make it easy to tuck away unruly locks, hiding them under a pretty cover so we can all pretend we have definitely made an effort with our hair. It is also extremely pleasant to remove all traces of hair from our necks during the humid weather. Win. Win. Win.

Cover It Up

We all know that the sun is a brutal force to be reckoned with, and the summer sun here in Queensland is particularly intense. Hats are always an excellent recommendation for shading and protecting the delicate skin on our face and head. But sometimes it just isn’t practical to wear a hat. Like when the “gentle sea  breeze” just won’t stop blowing it off your head!

An excellent alternative for those times when slapping on a hat just isn’t going to work is the System Professional Solar Oil. With UV protecting components and silky smooth shine, this luxurious oil absorbs quickly into hair to shield your lovely locks and replenish lost nourishment. Use it with the coordinating Shampoo and Conditioner to remove salt, sunscreen and chlorine, leaving your hair feeling and looking soft and luscious.
For those colour lovers out there the Wella Color Fresh Masks are perfect for refreshing dull and faded colours. The simple application ( just use in place of your regular conditioner) makes it easy to take your sun bleached mane from meh to Yeah! In just 5-10 minutes. The large range of colours make it a breeze to get any colour from rich brunette or brilliant blonde to vibrant red or bold blue. Goodbye faded colour – say hello to shiny and fresh!


Turn It Up

Holidays are the best. All that time to relax, put your feet up and pretend you don’t ever need to do the washing again. It’s also the perfect time to catch up on all the episodes of our podcast “The Snip It” , especially our most recent episode on summer hair tips. None of this pesky reading required, just pop in your headphones, tune out the world and find out how to survive the summer season without tearing out your hair.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Sarah xx



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