Routine Check Up

24 December 2020

2021 has begun and the collective sigh of relief is almost palpable. As we all wash our hands of 2020 and look hopefully towards this new year stretched out before us, it’s time to lessen the slightly bitter taste left on our metaphorical tongues. It’s a bit like we have been drinking the standard “house” gin straight up, which in my opinion is pretty much like drinking poison. Possibly drinking arsenic would be more pleasant.


On the other hand, adding a splash of tonic water to the botanical feat of mastery that is a high quality spirit and you have yourself a refreshingly delicious drink. That touch of bitterness, combined with a balance of interesting flavours really make those taste buds zing with unexpected pleasure. And that is what 2021 will hopefully be for us. The tonic we have been so desperately longing for to dilute the tragically terrible gin served at the local bar. 

These days the term tonic generally refers to the soft drink we use as a mixer with various spirits to make them taste less strong, but historically it was used to imply some sort of restorative mixture or medicine. Unfortunately they were often fairly useless as an actual medicine, with very little scientific evidence to back claims of miracle cures, but hey, research suggests placebos are sometimes effective so maybe that counts?

Hair tonics were the ultimate “miracle cure” for thinning hair designed to leave limp locks looking and feeling lustrously thick and healthy.  In reality they were nothing more than a styling product full of oils and scents which tended to glue the hair to the head and make it shiny (aka greasy) and smell nice so it didn’t have to be washed regularly. There is nothing wrong with leaving your hair ‘dirty’, if that’s what works for you. However, there are certainly better options for rejuvenating tired, limp, parched, brittle or just generally sad locks than the old fashioned version of a hair tonic. Starting with a great hair routine. 


A well balanced hair routine is like getting that perfect gin and tonic. Identifying key elements to bring out the best in each product will always achieve the best results. Throwing a wedge of lime in a gin predominantly flavoured with olive and rosemary? Not particularly fabulous. A sprig of rosemary however, will bring out those scrumptious savoury flavours for a truly delightful experience. 


Your mane routine should bring out the best your hair has to offer, and following this formula is sure to help you achieve that great balance.

One –  identify the key elements you need to address. When do you find your hair is best after washing? Day one? Day 4? Does it feel dry or brittle? Is there less or more than you would like? Is it better when you blow dry it or when it’s dried naturally? What is a realistic amount of time you would be prepared to spend on your hair?

Two – decide how frequently you would ideally like to visit the salon.

Three – find the right products for you. With help from your stylist of course!

Gin+Tonic +Garnish = Best Drink Ever*. 

Keynotes +Salon + Products = Best Hair Ever**


Finding that perfect balance can sometimes take a little bit of trial and error. What works for one doesn’t always work for another, even if on paper they seem similar. Persevering through the inevitable failures will allow you to refine your palate so to speak, and allow you to really understand your hair parameters. Truly knowing your relationship with your hair and how important a role it plays in your life will ultimately give you the opportunity to finely tune your routine, and get at least one part of life into equilibrium. So let’s raise our glass of perfectly balanced gin and tonic and toast to 2021 – a year of perfect balance. Unless you drink one too many gins…


Sarah x


*In my opinion anyway. Mostly. Unless it’s a really good champagne. 

**Except during summer in Queensland. No-one escapes that humidity unscathed. 




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