Change for the Time Poor…

6 December 2019

As we begin the rapid descent to the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on the year that was and wonder…how on earth did I fit all that stuff in? I don’t know about you but I’m pretty good at overstuffing my calendar, much like those cooking show contestants trying to impress the judges by adding their ‘flair’ to a dish at the last minute. I find the success rate similar. When you manage to get it right, you feel like a superhero, your superior organisational skills letting you fly about the place in slightly smug efficiency. When you get it wrong… which, let’s be honest is more often than not, it’s a delightful combination of stress, disappointment and occasionally tears. Like those contests trying to throw a half cooked chicken onto a plate with some blueberries with 30 seconds to go, forgetting the time consuming sauce, the sense of slightly sick fear that things have gone terribly awry is hard to stomach.

With the benefit of hindsight, it’s easy to see how a slight adjustment to the schedule would have made everything smooth and enjoyable. In the moment however, underestimating how long each activity will take and finding yourself overwhelmed with too many things and not enough time is all too common. How does this relate to your hair? Well. The lure of a new look to surprise the family at Christmas, the impulse to cut off your hair to cope with the Brisbane summer, or your traditional decision to go lighter the minute ‘beach weather’ hits are all very popular at this time of the year!

Considering that the days between December 1 and December 24 are filled with school/work events, parties, yearly catch ups with friends, family obligations and miscellaneous Christmas related activities the time can get filled up rapidly. For the salon this is a notoriously hectic time. Appointments become limited, people get squeezed in, and hairdressers live on coffee, packets of chips and sugary treats brought in by kind clients. Between our ridiculous schedule and yours, getting that new look might seem impossible. However …

As hairdressers, we love to give our clients a new look, it feeds our creative souls. We come alive with a little free reign, and the challenge of creating something with limited time can be incredibly fun but there are a few pointers that can help us all achieve a positive outcome.

Call ahead

A little advance notice never goes astray! If you think you might want something different at your next appointment call the salon, there may be some shuffling we can do to make your appointment run smoothly. That little extra ‘heads up’ could be the difference between waiting ages for your stylist while they try to rearrange their packed schedule on the fly or leaving the salon at the time you intended with a gorgeous new cut and colour.

Be Open

There are so many ways to get a new look. Fringes, feature foils, toners, a shorter cut, cooler tones, warmers tones, adding in a fun pop of colour, the list is longer than the Santa list you got from your 4 year old. I mention these changes specifically because they are all quick options. Most of them will add no more than 15 minutes to your appointment and some, no time at all! Sometimes the simplest option has the most impact, like changing from brown to auburn or getting a chin length bob instead of a shoulder length one. Noticeable, but as the process is similar, you are still able to leave in a timely manner.

Manage your expectations

If you have waist length, brown hair, that you have been colouring for 5 years, blonde is going to be a BIG effort. With that hair, I can promise you, blonde all over is NOT POSSIBLE in one hour! Having a dream goal is fantastic, but understanding that we haven’t been to Hogwarts and got our magical diploma is important. Somethings are just not able to be rushed. Going much lighter, darker, brighter or in other words, completely different, can be a complex journey with multiple processes involved.

‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ is a classic fable for a reason. Overconfidence often leads to disappointment whereas a carefully planned approach will allow you to ‘start the race’ fully prepared and complete it with optimal results. I think you will all agree when we say that a stunning, shiny head of creamy blonde that took three appointments sounds much nicer than yellow and orange patches with metallic green hints that took one.

Time currency is a precious and highly limited resource. Our BACH team are always conscious of the privilege we have when you choose to spend your time with us, particularly at this busy time of year. But in the immortal words of MasterCard …

Time sitting with colour on, 1hr. Time in salon, 3hrs. The look on your Mother’s face when she sees your pink hair, Priceless.

Have a wonderful holiday, see you in salon in 2020!!





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