Colour Me In

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this- a perfect prism appears in the atmosphere. A single ray of light hits it, splitting it into a stunning array of colours. Yellow, orange, red,green, violet and blue, spilling through the sky in an arc of pure magnificence. A very fancy way to say ‘rainbow’, which Colour Me In

Stay at Home Fabulous!

Too many old products? Help is on its way!

I blame Marie Kondo. After watching half an episode of her show on Netflix I got very excited by the idea of de-cluttering my home and ‘sparking joy’ with my belongings. Unfortunately it led me to realise just how many old and crusty products I have lying around. Dregs of shampoo I wasn’t particularly enamoured Too many old products? Help is on its way!

Grey Hair? Don’t care!

Grey Hair. The end of the world for some, the hailing in of the new era for others and certainly the reason so many salons are still in business! When my first grey hair was somewhat tactlessly pointed out to me by a former colleague I was absolutely horrified, certain that 29 was definitely too Grey Hair? Don’t care!