Behind The Curtain Bangs – Quiet time

19 December 2023

There is a bit of a theory in the writing circles that when you get blocked whilst writing, taking a shower or going for a walk will help clear the mind and allow the thoughts to flow past the block and free themselves. For me though, it’s the blowdrying that really gets the mind open and the thoughts flying.


There is something so meditative about the process of blow drying hair. The white noise, the repetitive movement of sectioning and stretching with the brush and the warmth of the air combine into perfect harmony. It’s hard to converse over the hum of a dryer running at full tilt, which leaves plenty of space to become one with one’s thoughts.

For some, there is safety in the noise. It allows them to open up and share, without fear of eavesdroppers. Whatever is preying on their mind, it can be passed on, in the bubble of the blowdryer.

But for others, this is the time to close their eyes. To reconnect with their inner self. To, albeit briefly, leave the responsibilities of their life in the distance and just be.

Or it’s a great chance to just doom scroll through instagram, write your shopping list  and check emails without any irritating interruptions. No judgement here, I know what it’s like!

For me though, when my client goes quiet and starts to get in their own zone, well, this is my time to shine. Quiet time is time for everyone!


I like to consider myself a creative person. In fact, this entire blog is just a self indulgent way to pretend I am the prolific, intelligent and very witty writer I am in my fantasies.

My mind is very busy. I  often have multiple projects on the go, both personal and professional. So the brief moments of quiet contemplation I have in my day are golden. They allow my mind to open and encourage the thoughts to flow, wild and free.

Sometimes these thoughts are just those of my mundane existence. The shopping lists, the dinner plans, the Christmas gifts, the outfit i might wear out on the weekend. However, sometimes.  In those glorious moments of calm. An idea just springs to life, like a daffodil poking its way from the earth. Bright and hopeful, with a world of opportunity ahead.

It is these ideas, born of the electric buzz of the high powered instrument known as the hairdryer, that take shape and form these very pieces you are reading right now! How very meta of me!


Ruminating on these thoughts for the duration of the styling is a wondrous experience. The clear focus of these moments allows me to work through blocks and find the perfect direction for my ideas. Multitasking at its best!

Most times I can recall these thoughts at a later moment, make notes and expand on them to complete my project. Sometimes though, after the blow dryer has been returned to its holster and conversation has resumed, the brilliance I felt only moments ago slips away into the ether. While truly a disappointment, I never worry. For like a can of hairspray aimed at fly away hairs, I can be sure that next time that dryer lulls a client into a soporific state, the elusive thought may return, and that this time I will hold it.

So next time you are hoping for a quiet time at the salon, don’t worry about your hairstylist. We are perfectly happy to leave to your musings and entertain ourselves. It might be the only time we haven’t had to make conversation all week!

Until next time,

Sarah x




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